Klein DasBosch



    WINEMAKING is an art form of patience, control and creativity. Given raw grapes, a winemaker must after much effort produce a wine which pleases the palate and makes the winemaker proud. From the grape picking to the vats to the bottled wines, winemaking is an art form of the highest order. This art form is appreciated by the senses, taste, colour, feel and fragrance. Klein DasBosch uses only the finest raw materials, people and processes to bring you wines of unparalleled drinking pleasure. THE WINEMAKER As Winemaking is an art, Jan Boland Coetzee must surely be an artist. Former South African rugby legend turned winemaker extraordinaire A strange combination if there ever was one, but Jan has excelled with his own range of Vriesenhof, Paradys Kloof and Talana Hill wines. Now he has turned some of his attention to producing the Klein DasBosch range, and what an amazing feat he has performed.

    Klein Dasbosch Unwooded Chardonnay

    Klein Dasbosch Chardonnay

    Klein Dasbosch Merlot

    Klein Dashbosch Shiraz

    Klein Dashbosch Rose

    Klein Dashbosch Sauvignon Blanc

    Klein Dashbosch Riesling

    Mont Marie Merlot

    Mont Marie Bordeaux

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