• Diemersdal


    n 1698 Simon van der Stel granted farmland to free burgher, Hendrik Sneewind. Later, the farm changed hands to Captain Diemer when he married the widow Sneewind, and thus Diemersdal was formally established. An inventory found in an old leather-bound book dating back to 1705 lists 45 wine barrels, a wine press and glass bottles, indicating that wine has been made on the Estate for over three centuries. Six generations of Louws have practiced their art with skill and passion at Diemersdal since the Estate passed into their hands in 1885. More than 12 decades later, Diemersdal is a well-known landmark in the lush Durbanville Valley, one of the Cape’s oldest wine regions

    Diemersdal Sauvignon Blanc

    Diemersdal Chardonnay – Unwooded

    Diemersdal Rose

    Diemersdal Shiraz

    Diemersdal Merlot

    Diemersdal Pinotage

    Diemersdal Pinotage Reserve

    Diemersdal Private Collection

    Diemersdal Sauvignon Reserve

    Diemersdal MM Louw Estate Red

    Diemersdal MM Louw Estate Sauvignon Blanc

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