• BOS Ice Tea

    BOS Ice Tea

    Rooibos is the primary ingredient of all BOS ice tea. Originally discovered in the Western Cape province and grown exclusively in and around the greater Cederberg region. Here, at the vanguard of organic and ethical farming, is the Klipopmekaar Rooibos Tea Farm and Private Nature Reserve.Amidst Klipopmekaar's geologically intriguing valleys, species-rich biodiversity, cascading waterfalls and pristine wilderness, the seeds of BOS take root and the goodness grows. It's a magical place – it's BOS country..

    BOS Ice Tea Lemon

    BOS Ice Tea Sparkling Lemon

    BOS Ice Tea Apple

    BOS Ice Tea Peach

    BOS Ice Tea Berry

    BOS Ice Tea Lime & Ginger

    BOS Sugar Free Peach

    BOS Sugar Free Lemon

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